All has been quiet on the blog lately, but I figure it’s time to give an update on recent happenings.  First of all, the blog has moved, yet again. I had moved back to Blogger a while back when we were expiring our domain. But, I didn’t like the restrictions of Blogger after being with WordPress for so long, plus I like to “experiment” with themes before using them for Webfoo clients,  so I purchased the domain to match the title of my blog. Thus, here we are.

In other news, we have been working hard the last several months to get our house in Kentucky prepared to list on the market.  We initially bought this place thinking it would be our final landing spot, but 6 years later things tend to change.  So now we are looking to sell, rent a place locally for a year or so to wrap some business things up, and then head south!  We both despise the cold and could do with never seeing another snowflake ever again.  We’re pondering on heading down to central Florida where the wildlife is different, the kayaking abundant, and the weather fabulous! We are fortunate that our business allows us to work remotely from anywhere as long as there is good internet connectivity.  And it’s a perk that my parents have a place there, and we have a few friends in the area, so we aren’t going there among total strangers.  But that is all still to be determined. We may end up staying here and enjoying the south for vacations.

All we have left at the house is some exterior maintenance and new flooring to be installed in the basement and we will be ready to list the house. We know that having 11 acres we will need to find a special kind of buyer, but the market is good and the house will be in top notch condition, not to mention it is a beautiful piece of property and home, if I do say so myself. I will miss it a lot, no doubt, but it’s time to move on and we really need to downsize since it’s just the two of us.

I’m hoping to get back into some regular blogging in the near future, here and on the soon to be updated All Our Paws site, but until then, enjoy the new site and catch my updates on social media.