For the last month friends have been sending me Flickr and Facebook requests for “25 Random Things” so I’m finally getting around to it.  Figured I’d post it to my blog as well…why not!  So if you have a blog, post your 25 Random Things and pass it on!   It’s kinda fun.  I’m cheating a bit and using my Flicker “16 Things” to get me started.

Here’s the deal: Once you’ve read this, you are supposed to write a blog post with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, comment on the blog you read this on, to let them know to read yours!

  1. My first name is Christy but most of my family calls me Dawn, which is my middle name.  Most of you will notice that Jason calls me Dawn as well.
  2. I moved a lot growing up resulting in living in 4 different states and going to 8 different schools.
  3. I hate most types of cheese.
  4. My college degree is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration focusing on Computer Information Systems.
  5. I love organizing things…it’s fun…you should see my craft room.
  6. My fingernails and toenails are off limits – nothing touches them and certainly nothing goes under them.
  7. I drive a Ford F-150 Lariat pickup.
  8. My average body temperature is 96.8 – I’m always cold.
  9. I have a tattoo of a black panther on my right ankle.  I would like another one day.
  10. All three of my dogs have birthdays that fall on holidays.
  11. I have been pulled over 4 times but have never gotten a ticket.  Three of the four times I was pulled over for turning left on red.
  12. I read four books a month, on average. Almost all fiction and trash.
  13. I love to eat raw biscuit dough.
  14. I used to own and maintain one of the largest pet rat web sites on the Net.
  15. I can wiggle my eyeballs and freak people out .
  16. Jason and I had a massive cake fight at our wedding…I started it.
  17. I have a green belt in Kenpo karate.
  18. Jason and I own a 6 acre plot of wooded land in Southern Indiana called “Dog Woods” that we use for camping.  We love it there and go often when the weather is nice.  We bought it partially to make it easier for our dogs to go camping with us without being leashed the entire time, hence the name.
  19. I basically have 3 full time jobs – eBusiness Developer at my day job; owner of a web design/development company; Mom to a 16 year old human, 3 dogs, 3 mice, 1 cat and 1 fish.  Now you know why it has taken me so long to do this!  😛
  20. I have an abnormal fear/dislike of clowns.
  21. When Portia is out of high school (in 2 years), Jason and I plan to buy a 30+ acre plot of land to live on within a one hour drive of Louisville.
  22. Jason and I are kicking around the idea of adopting, or possibly fostering, a fourth dog.  Preferably one with enough energy to play with Lois Lane.
  23. I never had allergies until I moved back to Kentucky.  Now I have to get allergy shots to keep them at bay.  But they do wonders!
  24. Jason and I joined a co-ed volleyball league and play for our local chiropractic office – go team!
  25. A couple of years ago I did one of these that was “100 Things About Me”.  In reading back through those things I’m surprised at how many items in that list have changed!