I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas – I know we did!  It was nice to have a couple of days free from work and to get to spend those days with friends and family.  We had several Christmas parties that we attended and every one was a great time.

The big family Christmas is always on Christmas Eve.  Portia was able to go to that with us and then come home with us for the night and spend most of Christmas Day with us – most of which was spent hopping from various grandparent’s houses. Since we weren’t home Christmas Eve until 1:00 am and Christmas Day was very busy we ended up letting Portia open her gifts at 2:00 am and not getting to bed until around 4:00am on Christmas Day and then sleeping until almost noon and then high-tailing it out and about.

And we can’t forget the pups at Christmas!  They always get a gift each and know that anything wrapped in tissue paper is for them.  This year they all got stuffless critters with squeakers in them. I say “they” but Lois Lane is usually the only one that plays with them – and she loves them!  Hardy made it to another Christmas with us as well, which we are thrilled about.  He turned 17 on Christmas Day and this was his 16th Christmas with us.  I have photos of them with their gifts below. All family photos can be found in my FB Christmas 2010 album.

Giant Dawg waiting patiently for Portia to open her presents. This is only his 2nd Christmas with us so he doesn’t get quite as excited as the others do.Giant Dawg

Hardy opening his present (sorry for the poor quality – it was late):
Hardy's 16th Christmas with Us

Blue checking out his new fox:
 Blue Boy is Happy

Lois Lane didn’t want to share her Christmas Badger, which ensued in a game of full out tug-of-war, her favorite: