Portia is at her grandma’s for a family wedding and Jason is out for the weekend mountain biking and camping with his buddies (a well deserved and long overdue guys weekend out). Meanwhile, for the last week I’ve planned on lots of things to do with my limited quiet time home. Friday night was spent with Mom and we had a yummy dinner at Olive Garden and an evening out at the gambling boat. Unfortunately the slots weren’t playing in my favor, but it’s always exciting anyway. One of these days I’ll learn how to play roulette or craps and do some real gambling. I came home, watched some tv and when I started nodding off on the couch around 1:00 am I went to bed.

My plan was to be lazy and sleep in Saturday morning. That plan was foiled around 8:00 am when the dogs decided it was high time I get my butt out of bed. I was awakened by two dogs spelunking around the bed, a wet nose in my ear and someone nibbling on my toes. After yelling at them to lay down I roll over only to have the third dog staring at me and whining until I invite him onto the bed. This leads to more dog wrestling and so much chaos that at 8:30 I finally gave up and crawled out of bed to make some coffee.

I decided to be productive and paid my bills for the next 2 weeks, checked email, fed the dogs, fed the cat and showered. The next item on the list…medicate Portia’s rabbit. Now I knew this part of my day would be a challenge…Bunn doesn’t much care for me and he decided to show me just how much when he saw me coming after him with a syringe full of baytril. Tip #1 – when medicating a bunny, remove the bunny before letting him see a medicine syringe. After 10 minutes of bunny growling and lunging I gave up and decided to wait until Portia returned to medicate the Evil One. Tip #2 – make friends with the rabbit so he will allow you to medicate when necessary.

So after this saga I ran up to the bank to deposit a check for Jason. Our neighborhood was having it’s bi-annual city wide yard sale so I drove around looking for some deals. I did manage to get a huge box of miscellaneous scrapbook items for $10 and a few glass pieces to etch/paint on. On the way home I was trying decide what craft I’d like to indulge in with all my free time. Once I got home I remembered some work I had to do and killed 2 hours messing with all of that. After that, my motivation was gone. I watched some tv, filled up the bird feeders (Jason would be proud!), reheated some pizza for lunch, called Mom and chatted for a bit and organized the scrapbook goodies I bought at the yard sale. I then watched some more tv, talked to Portia for about 45 minutes and once the sun started to go down I watered the plants (again, Jason would be proud).

So now here I sit at 8:00 pm bored out of my mind. I’m in one of those horrid moods where I really want to do something, but really don’t know what to do. I could read, I could craft, I could surf the net, I could watch more tv, I could call a friend, but no…nothing sounds good. So here I am blogging away on a Saturday night. Normally this time on a Saturday night Jason and I would be sitting on the back porch chatting (probably with John) and just hanging out. I’ve been out on the back porch today and it’s cool for about 30 minutes and then it gets really boring. Needless to say, I would make a really crappy “alone” person. I don’t see how people live alone and stay sane.

I guess now that it’s almost 8:30 pm I should be thinking about dinner. I don’t cook, I hate cooking and when I feed myself it’s always something nukable or delivery. Luckily Jason thought ahead and bought me some nukable food for his weekend away. So, I’m off to nuke something for dinner and find something to do…