A week from tomorrow this will officially be Home Sweet Home!
( Photos by K. Kemble )




All photos are here.

We’re pretty much all packed and ready to go.  The only things left unpacked are things still in use.  We were able to go ahead and take several loads over to the new house and store them in the large shed until moving day.  The sellers have to be out by 10pm next Friday, but we’re hoping they are out before then. It all depends on how long it takes them to get moved into their new house.  We’re just anxious to get settled and hoping for a few extra days to get the old house in better shape for renting without being rushed during moving weekend.

Once we get moved and settled a bit I’ll post updated photos with our furnishings and arrangements.  It’s going to be a busy week but I took a week off to get all unpacked and settled in the new place.  Internet may also be hit or miss during that time, depending on how long it takes to get the new connections set up at the new house.

Lots more photos coming soon!  Hopefully lots of wildlife too.  With 11 acres I’m bound to get lots of deer, turkey and bird photos in the near future!  🙂