Can you tell I’m looking forward to vacation? I think my brain is already halfway there. It’s been a hell of a week. Work has been crazy, both at my “real” job (Job 1) as well as my “side” job (Job 2). I think I’ve put in about 50 hours so far this week in a matter of three days…yes, I need my vacation. I just have to get through 8 hours of training at Job 1 today and do some finishing touches and wrap-ups on Job 2 stuff once I get home and I’ll be good to go.

Friday is only a half day at Job 1 and I go straight to the state fair after that to wander around before my booth shift starts at 3:00. But the fair is fun so I don’t really consider that work. If anyone happens to be there Friday night stop by the Kentucky Farm Bureau booth in the South A wing and say hi! I’ll give you a cool KFB notebook and yellow school bus bag and you can test your skills on Kentucky history. 😉