And Then There Were Four - 28/365

I stopped by the cemetery on my way home from work today because there were about 100 geese around the pond.  They all high-tailed it to the water as soon as they saw me approaching – I must take food next time!  These four captured my interest as they were swimming towards the other bank in the light of the setting sun.

In more weather news, we’re expecting snow still tomorrow, but we don’t know how much.  We’ve heard anywhere from half an inch to six and a half inches.  How’s that for a spread?  At this point it all depends on how the system moves through.  Guess we’ll find out tomorrow!  We’re all prepared with the generator and kerosene heater should we lose power again.  This time last year we were living in a 40 degree house with no power for five days after a major ice storm.    I hope it doesn’t happen again, but at least if it does we’re a little more prepared for it.

I’m also hoping the snow isn’t too bad.  We’ve volunteered to help transport a Great Pyrenees named Zeus on one leg of a long trip to get him to the rescue organization he needs to be at in order to get adopted into a new and loving home.  I’m sure Saturday’s photo will be of Zeus – but you already knew that.