Thank goodness for March 31 to have arrived and gone!  Now my work schedule can get back to normal again.  The last two months have been a frenzy at work to complete our new web site and get it up and running properly.  After working a lot of overtime lately it was nice to actually come home on time today!  The work is not near over as Phase 2 starts immediately with enhancements and further functionality, however at least the pace has slowed down.  Now I can focus more on my own work again. And as a reward I get Friday off without taking a vacation day – woot!  Long weekend!

I’m also starting a new photography project this weekend.  Last year I participated in Project 52 on Flickr and had considered doing it again, but wanted to switch things up a bit this year.  Lucky for me I found just the thing – a Flickr Photography Scavenger Hunt!  The new list is available this weekend, perfect timing for me to start up with it.  It looks like a fun group and will get me out and about and looking for the items on the list to photograph, hopefully with an interesting aspect and not just a snapshot of each item.  It’s an open group for anyone in the world, so if anyone is interested in taking the challenge with me join here!

Not much other news right now.  Family is healthy – human and critters alike.  Spring is on the way, which I am very grateful for since it also means camping season is upon us!  Jason started planting the garden today and the fish pond is starting to shape up with some new bamboo we planted behind it.  In a couple of weeks the five new fish will be added to the eight that are in there now and we’ll work on the landscaping around the pond some more.  And then once it starts staying warm the pond plants go in.  I’m very eager to get it all done and see how it looks.  🙂