Today we went over to the old house to dig up a couple of the banana plants that have been out back for many, many years, before we close on the sale of the house ( hopefully this week ).  We got three of them – the one pictured here and another about the same size on the opposite corner of the back lower deck.  There is also a third tiny one that is with the other plant for now until it is large enough to transplant.  The leaves got a bit torn up on the drive from the old house to our house since they were hanging out the back of the truck, but the new leaves should be fine.  Besides, it’s always windy here so they may just be fringy banana plants anyway!

We’re finally starting to get some decor going on the new porches – most of the rest will come next spring.  We also plan to plant lots of shade trees in the backyard since right now it’s bare of trees until you get to the back or sides of the lot.