Project 365: 85/365
Barn on a Hill - 85/365

Yesterday we went to view a couple of properties we were interested in.  This was the one we were really hoping would work out, but in the end result it didn’t.  The cleared 6 acres was ok, the barn was great and the pond was awesome.  But the remaining 11 acres of woods was horrible and unusable.  They were a huge drop down to the creek below.  If it was gently rolling it would have been perfect, but it was almost cliff like, so we had to pass on it.  We looked at another one but it appeared that it had already been purchased even though it was still listed.  The sign was gone and some work was being done, though I don’t think we would have been happy with that one either.  So the search continues!

Project 365: 84/365
Pup in a Box - 84/365

And this is just a goofy photo of Lois.  We wanted to see what she would do if we sat her in a box.  She just sat there and looked at us like “what are you doing?”.  Fun with dogs!