Beheaded - 26/365

Last weekend one of the kings got broken. Before I glued him back together I wanted to do something with his beheading.  After Jason and I set up about 70 different shots at different angles and setups, this one appealed to me most, though still not exactly what I wanted.  Playing again with my little Vivitar SF-3000 with some gels.

I ended up working from home today.  We only got about a 1/2″ of snow, but the roads were horribly slick this morning.  I actually attempted to get to work, and would have been fine in my truck, but the main road outside of my neighborhood was gridlocked for at least two hours.  I figured I was better off remoting in from home and saving myself a potential wreck and two hours wasted sitting in traffic.  I actually got more than usual done work-wise due to no interruptions.  Too bad they don’t let us do that more often!