Birthday Dinner - 27/365

Mmmm my favorite!  Pizza!  What better way to spend a birthday during the week than an evening in with hubby, in PJs, having a yummy and sinful dinner while loafing on the couch all evening!  One can never go wrong with bacon and roasted red peppers!

We were supposed to be spending the weekend at Lake Cumberland in a fantastic cabin on the lake, however looming weather has made us think twice. That area of Kentucky is expecting up to a foot of snow and with the back road we have to drive to get to the cabin it seems a bit treacherous of a trip.  Particularly when the lady in the rental office tells us that when it snows the road doesn’t get cleared and it’s easy to slip off the side, thus plummeting into the lake below. No thank you!  So we’re rescheduling for sometime next month.  Instead we’ll have a few friends out over the weekend and celebrate birthdays twice!