Something I have always wanted to do is join a book club…and now I’m a member of one! As we were having dinner with our friend’s Jennifer & Scott last week I found out that she was starting a small local book club. She asked if I was interested and I jumped at the chance to try it out. We’ll be discussing our book over dinner and wine for our first meet-up. The first meeting is next week. The book of choice this month is “Amsterdam” by Ian McEwan. If anyone has read this book I’d love to hear opinions.

I have the book, but I haven’t even read the first page yet, but it’s only 193 pages so I should be fine. I’m already in the middle of a Patricia Cornwell book and I hate to start a new book when I’m in the middle of reading something else, but I guess I’m going to have to due to lack of time to sit and finish the other one first. I tend to stick with authors that I know and like and don’t venture out much unless something is recommended to me, so I’m hoping this club will open me up to trying new authors and different types of writing styles. We’ll see what happens!