Well we were supposed to be headed to Indiana about now with the camper in tow to get the campsite set up. Unfortunately instead I am sitting at the computer, still in my pajamas and drinking coffee. Yesterday Jason screwed up his back pretty bad – something that happens once every year at some point, it seems. (This is the second time it’s happened on vacation – last time we were in Orlando and he was stuck in the condo all day for most of the week.) So depending on how quickly it heals will determine whether we make it out this weekend at all. We may just reschedule to go next weekend instead since we have to take the camper out there, back it, level it and assemble a picnic table and dog pen, and all that is near impossible to do with a screwed up back. Not to mention, who wants to go camping in that condition? I sure wouldn’t!

The rest of the vacation week has been awesome. We haven’t really done much, which is just how we wanted it to be. We made a trip to the zoo and got lots of good pictures. I’ve done a lot of reading and porch sitting. And best of all, we’ve both managed to not work at all during the entire week! We’ve been online playing chess and scrabble and, of course, playing on Flickr – it’s too addicting. So all in all, a fantastic vacation!

Speaking of photos, the Courier Journal has launched a “Capture Kentuckiana” contest that will result in an awesome coffee table book of the Kentuckiana area. I have submitted some photos and will be submitting some more. If you will, please go check it out and vote! You can get to my profile here…but be sure to check out all the others also. There are some awesome photos that will make a fantastic book in the end result!