This afternoon we signed the final papers for the purchase of 6 beautifully wooded acres in southern Indiana!  No, we’re not moving.  We bought it to use as our own private get-away.  We love nature and love to go camping, so what better than to have our own private camping spot all year long?  For now we plan on putting the camper out there and may eventually build a little cabin in it’s place.

I was hoping to get some photos up with this entry as we had planned on going out to the property after the signing, but it was pouring rain so it wouldn’t have done much good.  Plenty of photos to come I’m sure as there will be much nature and photo opportunities each trip we make!

I think we need to name our little get-away…but so far no luck in coming up with anything good.  I considered “The Oaks” since we did buy it on Oaks Day (the race day before Derby Day here in Kentucky).  But I’m not sure that fits right.  We may need to spend a couple of weekends on site before it can be appropriately named.  Jason mentioned “Camp Mesker” and another that comes to mind is “Dog Woods” since our dogs will almost always accompany us there.  I’m sure we’ll think of something eventually…suggestions welcome!