So things have been a little hectic lately and I haven’t had much time (or desire) to update my blog. Work has been crazy with a million tasks due at once, a million problems without answers and a million meetings to keep me from resolving my million issues. It’s a horrendous cycle that never ends. Today I finally feel like I’m pulling ahead, for the first time in a month, thus am in a pretty content mood. Plus Survivor comes on tonight…I’m a hopeless Survivor addict.

To add to the above chaos, I’ve been having issues with my knees. I’ve always had knee problems (popping, aching, pain after physical activity, etc), but after buying a mountain bike earlier this summer it has become 10 times worse. So after 3 months of doctors appointments, 2 months of physical therapy and many months of knee pain, we finally know what is wrong with my right knee. I’ve been officially diagnosed with chondromalacea and patellar tendinitis. In English, this means that my knee cap sits at an angle, causing it not to track straight and thus slowly rubbing away the cartilage in my knee. Luckily it does not require surgery (yet) and some home physical therapy and a lovely knee brace should do the trick. So I’ve been starting out with some walking around the neighborhood (which the dogs are loving) and trying to keep my activities to a minimum to let the knee heal and begin to track correctly…so probably no more biking until next spring. 🙁 Luckily camping is easy on the knees and we’re planning our next trip…one that will be a four day event in mid-October.

We don’t have much planned for the weekend. The company I work for closes at noon each Friday, which makes for a nice extended weekend or a nice time to play catch-up from the week. This Friday afternoon is the company’s first annual cornhole tournament with all proceeds benefiting Metro United Way. Being a fun event and a good cause I signed up to play in the double-elimination tourny and will also be taking photos of the festivities. The rest of the weekend at home so far entails sealing our back deck/porch and doing some more yard work and landscaping before winter sets in. Fridays and Saturdays this time of year are usually spent hanging out on the back porch and enjoying the nice weather. It’s not unusual for a friend or two or more to stop by and hang out with us, and I don’t expect this weekend to be any different. After all, it’s the perfect time of year for porch sitting and having a good time…and we have a great porch for it! This weekend might even be a good one for a small bonfire in the back yard. 🙂