Every year I tell myself that I will start Christmas shopping in October and save myself from the stress of last minute brain wracking and penny pinching. And every year it comes down to two weeks before Christmas and I have barely started. This year is no different. Here it is, the 11th of December and I have one, yes ONE, gift purchased…and that is a stocking stuffer for Portia. (We did have one early Christmas family gathering already with Mama Rosie, so at least that portion doesn’t fall into play in the next couple of weeks.) I really want to do my shopping online, I detest crowds, traffic and rude holiday shoppers, but if I don’t get my butt in gear soon I’m going to miss my window for on time deliveries. It would help if I even had a clue of what I am getting for everyone, but I don’t even have that.

I am also having difficulties in finding time to do everything that needs to be done. My Christmas tree isn’t even up yet – usually it goes up the week after Thanksgiving. I did, surprisingly, manage to get my Christmas cards done this year – even counting 30 hand made ones….because I started in October. Success!

Jason and I were invited to three parties this Saturday and had to choose one…I hate missing parties and turning down gracious hosts who take it upon themselves to add even more to their December by hosting great parties. But the one we are going to will be a blast! We’re even doing the White Elephant gift exchange – I love those! And best of all, they are free! I’m very bummed that we’re missing our Flickr holiday party though. We always have such an awesome time with the gang, though I know there will be many photos of the festivities for us to see in the days following the party. Still no New Year’s Eve plans yet, though I’m sure something will come up. It always does.

Even with all my complaining, in the end I am very grateful for our friends and family, good health and blessed lives. I wish everyone a safe and memorable holiday season!