Last night I attended a “psychic party”.  Now, I’m not saying that I believe in all this, but there is
always that little thing in the back of the mind saying “What if…”.  So I went, and it was fun sitting around and talking about what the readings of each participant revealed.

It wasn’t like in the movies where you go in a dark room, only lit by candles with a gypsy looking lady sitting behind a cloth and candle covered table.  It was simply a spare room in the house away from the other noise, lights on, with an ordinary looking middle aged woman sitting at a card table with her bottle of water wearing silver bangles, jeans and knit shirt, and flip-flops.

The clairvoyant used tarot cards for her readings and she had obviously been doing this for a while based on the wear and tear of the cards.  I first walked in the room, shook her hand, exchanged normal pleasantries when meeting someone new “Hello, how are you…good”, then I sat down, she asked my first name, and we were off!  Below are some of the things that she “saw” during my reading.  There is more, but I will not share all to protect the innocent.  😉

  • The first thing she asked me was “could you be pregnant?”  I about laughed out loud and snorted through my nose at that one, seeing as I just had a hysterectomy three weeks ago. When I said no all she said was “I see something in the belly area” and left it at that.
  • Next she saw “romance change or a redefinition of love”.  And she explained that this doesn’t necessarily mean my spouse, but could be any close loved one.  I know where that could possibly stem from…and won’t discuss it here.
  • She saw me as growing to be an old woman in good health. She sees me as a healer.
  • She doesn’t see me physically moving anytime real soon, but possibly around 5 years from now there will be a move. Hopefully this will be our 50 acre farm purchase.  She mentioned something about Yellow Wood Forrest, which is in Brown County, Indiana.
  • She saw a lot of stacks of books around me, which indicates that I read a lot, research a lot, or attend a lot of conferences.  All of the above are true.
  • She asked out of the blue if I sleep poorly.  You can see my Sleep Writing post for the answer to that one!  She said I’m a “dimension jumper” when I sleep and suggested I video tape myself sleeping (which I have considered doing) when I answered yes to her question of “When you wake do you often find things misplaced or moved”.  Heh, yeah…I do that.
  • I asked about mine and Jason’s relationship, of course.  She sees us together until death do us part.  Awwww.
  • She sees me at a rustic cabin in the near future.  We have a January trip planned to Lake Cumberland in January with friends to stay in a cabin on the lake.
  • And the final kicker…she sees a dog with a red ribbon coming into my life.  Most likely a stray and one we will most likely keep.  

So, that was the bulk of it.  The only thing that really got me was the last one since I never mentioned anything about my dogs or love for animals at all.  And the cabin one got me as well since we just put down the deposit for the cabin a few weeks ago.

Again, this was all done in fun.  But it will be interesting to revisit this post and see what happens!