As promised, here are some better photos of the new craft room setup. Please ignore all the white blobs on the carpet – Giant Dawg is in shedding mode and he is just…everywhere.

This is my scrapbooking, paper crafts, etc area viewed from the doorway:

Same station viewed from the closet:


This one is my painting, wood burning, glass etching station.  The main door leads into our basement kitchen where I have access to a double sink – and beer fridge.  😉  And also easy access to the basement bathroom.  It really is quite handy!

For the wall storage, I used regular pegboard and accessories from Home Depot.  I was going to paint the pegboard to make it more attractive (it’s brown) but got impatient with wanting to get my room together and didn’t want to have to wait for primer and paint to dry before hanging them.  So, instead I covered the pegboard with 12 x 12 squares of patterned scrapbook paper.  I just scotch taped each corner and stuck them on the board, overlapping them just a bit.  Then I simply punched through the paper anywhere I needed the hardware hanging accessories.  It was easy, cheap and it’s pretty!  And if I get tired of it, I can always put up a new pattern or color scheme.

Scrapbook Station Pegboard:

Wood Burning, Painting, Etching pegboard:

I also now have a closet that runs the length of one whole wall (to the right of the tv, but not shown in these photos) for extra storage bins and to store all my glass pieces that I save up via thrift shopping intended for glass etching and painting.