I’m in the process of deciding if I want to relocate my craft room from the loft upstairs, where it becomes a sauna in the summer, to the old office basement room downstairs.  There are pros and cons to each, but I’m thinking at this point the move is winning the pros section.

Loft: I currently have 4 workstation tables with peg-board attached over each (all movable). Not a lot of floor space left and zero vertical storage due to ceiling height. Nice and open, love the wood walls/ceiling but, sometimes leaks a little over one workstation with heavy snow (until we get it fixed).


1. View from landing at the top of the steps; that is my little window covered by the blinds straight ahead (also where the evening sun sets).

2. Photo station and scrapbooking station with storage in between and under.

3. Paint station and wood burning station with storage between and under (tv/computer/stand is behind/left of me).

4. View from in front of the window. There is one step down to the landing and this overlooks the livingroom/dining room/kitchen. The box fan is currently there to pull cool air into the loft, which actually works fairly good if I remember to turn it on about an hour before I need to go up there.


Basement Room: This is currently Jason’s gaming room (former office) that we are moving into his other “play” room with his electronic projects, drums, guitars, etc. It is about the same length as the loft, but almost double the width and with (mostly) 8ft ceilings except where the duct work runs. Little bitty colorful ceiling fan was here when we moved in but actually works pretty well. All this “stuff” will be moved into his new room. The paint in there actually isn’t too bad, just boring – the carpet is hideous but that’s for another year.

1.View from the doorway looking in.

2. Closet with upper shelf runs the entire length of the wall (why there is only one tiny door to access it all is beyond me). Filing cabinet will stay in there as it’s just too heavy to move and we don’t have much space left in the office for it – but the bottom drawer is empty and can be used for extra storage.

3. View from the far corner of the room beside the closet. The doorway opens up into the downstairs kitchen. (Another pro I thought of while taking photos – a sink right outside the door. And a bathroom just down the hall from that.)

4. View from in front of the closet.


If I decide on the move, there will be updates of the newly decorated / organized craft area!