I recently came across the fun craft of Diamond Painting, also known as 3D Cross Stitch.  First off I will tell you, these things are addicting!  And fun!  And relaxing! And soooooo pretty when completed.  When I got my first one I looked at it and thought, meh, this isn’t going to be as cool as I thought.  But then once I started placing the shimmery beads I became more and more convinced that it was going to turn out fabulously – and it did!  

It’s easy to do and fun, plus you get a great piece of home decor out of it.  They would also make awesome gifts, completed or as a kit.  I’m already working on my next one, which is this gorgeous White Owl piece.  I will share photos of it once it’s completed.

You can get the Four Seasons Tree kit here.

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