Jason and I took a trip up to Dog Woods (our 6 acre campsite and get-away) yesterday to see if there was any damage from January’s ice storm and last weeks wind storm.  We expected a few trees and limbs down, but were shocked to see that nearly 50% of the trees throughout the property were either down or severely damaged.   Two trees barely missed hitting the camper and the dog kennel is buried under one of them.  The brand new utility pole we had put in at the end of last year was snapped in two and laying on the ground behind the camper.  The utility company had come out to put up a new pole, but we have to call someone else to reattach the box and meter, so until then we have no power to the camper.  There also used to be a nice line of trees behind the camper shielding it from the road and the driveway, but now there are only a couple left.  The main power lines that run along the easement are only about six feet off the ground right now so I looks like the utility company still has some work to do as well.

Needless to say, Dog Woods did not fare well through the storms and we have a LOT of work to do.  The upside is we will certainly have enough firewood to last us for the next decade.  I think once the weather warms up a bit we’re gonna have a tree cutting party and invite any friends and family that cares to help.  *hint hint*  😉

Hopefully this spring and summer we’ll have enough coverage to make it nice and secluded as it usually is.  However right now you can look through the trees and see the hillsides, whereas before you couldn’t see the hillside at all, even in winter.