Project 365: 101/365


On Guard - 101/365


Buddy likes to patrol his yard every few hours to make sure everything is right in his world. Today as I was trying to get bullfrog photos (see below) I looked up at him standing up on the hill and checking on the yard.  He’s beginning to get hot already with all that fur.  I brushed a large flower pot worth of fur out of him today with the FURminator (best dog brush ever!) and he’s bound to feel a tad bit better.  Soon he’ll get his summer Pyr cut to help keep him cool, even though he spends most of his day loafing on the couch.






This is one of the many bullfrogs that inhabit our Koi and goldfish pond.  They are still pretty skittish right now, but as summer approaches and they get used to us being around the pond they get braver.  He ducked under the water as soon as I got one shot of him.