Last month we were finally able to ditch our crappy service with AT&T and ditch our crappy BlackBerry phones… hallelujah! We swapped over to Verizon (so far, loving them) and also went with the Motorola Droid. Best. Phone. Ever! This baby does everything I want and need. And it actually works. It doesn’t drop calls and keeps a strong signal. I can walk down the stairwell at work without losing my connection to everything. I have the option of using the slideout keyboard or the touch screen. So far the touch screen is winning, much to my surprise.  The GPS is way superior to the Vio I have for the truck, so I bought a dashmount for the phone for GPS usage.  We’ve tried it out and it’s been right on the mark just about every time.

The interface is very nice as well.  The touch screen is easy to use and there are “live” wallpapers that are uber cool!  You’re supposed to be able to tether the Droid to a laptop to use for an Internet connection, however neither of us has tried to tether yet.

And the array of apps available is awesome. I’m cheap and generally won’t pay $3.99 for an app unless it really impresses me. So far I have not bought any, but I do have a ton of free ones that I love.  My favorites are:

  • Twidroid (Twitter)
  • Weather Bug  (weather updates and alerts)
  • (streaming music)
  • Astro (file manager)
  • Batteryminder (keeps battery status in top bar)
  • ColorNote (colored post-it notes)
  • NewsRob (rss reader)
  • Shazam (song identifier)
  • Color Flash (great for finding things in the dark)
  • Abduction (goofy, addicting cow vs alien game)
  • Google Sky Map (super awesome real time constellations based on where you point the phone)
  • Metal Detector (turns Droid into working metal detector)
  • Mahjong (game)
  • Jewellust Lite (game similar to Bejeweled)

I’ve only had the phone for a month so it’s still new to me, but I’ll follow up with any dislikes I may come across.  I have a feeling that this one will keep the title of “best phone ever”…at least until my next upgrade!