We recently purchased a new area rug, swapped out curtains and painted so now my old red throw pillows did not match at all. Rather than spending $60 on four new ones, I decided to spend $20 on fabric and make my own covers that can be slipped off and thrown in the wash if needed.  I’m still new at this whole sewing thing, so, yet again, I perused PInterest and came across a few tutorials by searching “sewing envelope pillow cases” that walked me through making envelope pillow cases for throw pillows. I’m not up for trying  a zipper yet, but it will come in time.

I purchased fabric from Wal-Mart since they had a pattern I liked.  It’s called Abstract Blue/Brown by Kentshire Home Collections. I completed two of the pillows and had intended to do two more – one for each recliner chair – but I may mix it up with a different pattern for those pillows.  I haven’t quite decided yet.  I also would like to get a couple smaller solid pillows to put in front of these to tone down the pattern a little bit.  The color does match the new area rug quite well – though I didn’t get a complete photo of the rug.

Here is an up close photos of the front:

And the back where you can see the envelope section:

Lois Lane approves!