Two weeks from today I will no longer be an employee of KFB – the company I have worked at for the last 10+ years.

Webfoo, Inc, our own web enterprise business, is taking off and doing so well that’s it’s becoming difficult to keep up. So after many months of discussion and figuring and hoping, I’m going home!  I’ll be working from home, on our own business projects, with my hubby.  No more waking up at 5:50 am for a 45 minute commute.  No more coming home from work only to work another 4 hours on business stuff before grabbing a quick bite and going to bed to start it all over again.  Oh how nice it will be to only have one full time job again! I know Jason will be happy since this means I’ll be helping him out a lot more with answering client inquiries, particularly since he’s been getting all of my calls since I can’t take them while I’m at work.

A lot of people ask me “what exactly do you do?”.  In a nutshell, I do a little of a lot.  A little design work, a little development work.  But right now my main focus is on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). I go through a website and tweak backend onsite code as well as external sources to make that site be found in the highest possible position in search engines.  So when you Google for something using a keyword of “pet rats in Louisville”, it’s my job to make sure that my client’s rat site shows up on page one of the search engine, preferably in the number one position.  It’s a never ending battle of tweaks and research, but it’s interesting work!

I’m very excited for this new chapter in my life – even though it’s a little scary at the same time since both Jason and I are now self-employed.  But with the new house, the new work arrangement, winter approaching and the best possible time to give it a shot, we’re jumping in with both feet.  I’ll keep updates here as things happen.  Wish us luck!