Giant Dawg gets a little pushy at dinner time.  And breakfast time for that matter…


Feed Me.  Now. - 18/52


The ducks got new digs yesterday.  We built them a larger 6′ x 6′ dock with a dog igloo in the middle for winter shelter.  They seem to like it and started exploring it right away.  Daddy Duck is the only one that decided he liked the old, half sinking dock better.  Go figure.


Here they are checking out their new duck pad.  You can see Daddy Duck on the old dock looking a bit apprehensive:


The New Duck Hut


Jason goes in for surgery on his ankle on Thursday.  He ripped his peroneal tendon right in half and has to have it reconstructed with bovine tendon (Moo Moo Buckaroo!).  He’s been hobbling around on crutches for 6 weeks now and will be for another couple of months until he can start physical therapy.  Luckily I’m home now to help him out, particularly because it’s his right foot and he can’t drive anywhere.


And speaking of working from home – it rocks!  I could use a couple more clients to make me feel a little more comfortable, but so far it’s going well.  It’s nice actually having time to put into my own work and actually having weekends free to do whatever I want (for now anyway).  We usually get a busy spree at the beginning of the year when new budgets are in place, so hopefully after the holidays we’ll pick up those extra clients and be well on our way!