Project 365: 86/365

Cookout! - 86/365

Saturday was such a nice day we decided to have an impromptu cookout with a few friends.  Charlie & Christina came over with their dogs Molly and Scrappy.  And John & Jenn also came out for some good food.  After everyone ate we headed back up to the house to watch the Cats play (and lose).  It was a fun evening!

Project 365: 87/365

TiVo Repair - 87/365

Our TiVo hard drive has been clacking for a while so we knew it was going bad.  We didn’t realize how bad until we were watching the game, which feeds through the TiVo via live television, and the signal kept breaking up.  So Jason decided to swap out the hard drive in it today.  He’s not had much luck and isn’t sure what’s wrong.  So for the time being we’ve moved a spare TiVo downstairs with a smaller hard drive until he can get the larger one straightened out.