We’re still on “stay-cation” this week so we did lunch and a movie with friends, Charlie and Christina.  We went to Genghis Grill, a place that opened here last year but we had not yet been to.  It’s one of those places where you “build your own bowl” and take it up for the cooks to grill it all up. It was really, really good. I built the Special Fried Rice bowl since it was only 445 calories ( even on vacation I’m still keeping to the good eating ).  It was a little costly for what it is, but it was extremely good and I wouldn’t have any issues doing it again.

After lunch we went and saw the movie The Wolverine.  It certainly wasn’t the best of the Wolverine / X-Men movies I’ve seen, but it was good.  After that we went for a two mile walk at a local park before heading home.

Later the boys were busy gaming so Christina and I made a last minute trip back out to the theater to watch The Conjuring.  Wow, talk about a scary movie!  I’ve never tensed, jumped and screamed out so much during a movie in my entire life!  Well worth the thrill and the second trip back into town! I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep very well after that movie, but it was after 1:00am by the time we got home and I ended up pretty much zonking right out.

A few more days left to this vacation – we’ll see what else we can get into!  🙂

( Note: Thank goodness for cell phone cameras or I’d have already flunked out on this Project 365. Though I way prefer the quality of my Nikon, the phone has saved me twice already! )