Today got up to a balmy 60 degrees so I skipped out of work a bit early and opened up the camper.  At the end of last season, from our single trip we made, it was quite a mess.  We’ve purchased a lot of items for the camper and they all just kind of got thrown in there for the winter.  So today I plugged it up, put the slide out, opened some windows and started organizing.

I cleaned out  the refrigerator, which had acquired some mildew. I organized all the cabinets and drawers with organizing baskets. I put new sheets and the new comforter on the bed ( I just had to get rid of the horrendously ugly flowered bedspread – now I just need to figure out what to do with the equally ugly window valences ). I did some general cleaning to remove leaves and other debris that got tracked in by us and the dogs during our very leafy trip in November.  I hung up a calendar so we can track our trips – and because it’s a pretty scenic calendar that helps make the camper look a little more home-ish.  I organized the storage areas under the camper so everything is easy to find and access and stowed away all small, loose items in baskets. And I put away all the kitchen gadgets, candles, tablecloths and other accessories I have been purchasing throughout the winter.

And now, I’m very much ready to go camping!  Come on spring!

The unorganized mess:

New bedspread to replace the one that used to match the window valances – yuck!