Saturday night Christina and I were invited for a girl’s night out by our girlfriend Beth. We kicked off the evening with dinner and drinks at our local Outback Steakhouse. Upon walking into the bar area of the restaurant, we saw our friends Lydia and Ben sitting at the booth right behind the one we were going to.

After dinner we all ended up at Ten Pin Lanes for a few more drinks and some bowling. I was horrible at bowling at first, but ended up winning the last game, but we still had a great time.

Such a great time that when Lydia and Ben called it a night, we continued on to R Place Pub to shoot some pool and have a few more beverages. (I was the DD and had my last beverage well before we were done bowling.)

As a summary of the evening: good food, good drinks, great friends, many laughs, new stories made, jukebox music, funny drunk bar flies, out too late.  Summary – Fantastic night out!  🙂