So I haven’t blogged in almost a month now…that’s what holidays will do to you! Even as I sit here now there are a bazillion things I should be doing, but procrastination is my specialty. This week has been insane. I had training all week for work, Friday night was Jason’s company party (where Jason won me a gorgeous new gold/diamond necklace – yay me!), yesterday was Christmas with Mama, today is Christmas with Mom, Dad and the entire Parson clan, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve service at church and then Christmas with Jason’s family. By Monday night we’ll be all pooped out. Then Friday it’s Christmas with Celeste who will be visiting until New Year’s Day. Luckily for us we’re on vacation for the rest of the year.

Also during all of this we had all the carpet torn out upstairs and replaced with Pergo…and loving it! It was a pain to be shifting furniture and dealing with all that along with all of the above, but it’s done and it looks fabulous! Bye-bye allergies!

And of course Christmas is always a good time for photos…all Christmas photos of the gang can be found here.

Merry Christmas!