Welcome 2009!  It’s going to be an interesting year.  Portia turns 16 in a couple of weeks, Jason is working for himself full time and I’m vowing to get in shape – and am actually going to do it this year.  Business is booming, friends are plentiful and life is good!

Speaking of friends, we had a great turnout for the New Year’s party last night.  I think we had about 30 people in the house.  It’s been a while since we’ve thrown a New Year’s party and we had a blast!  The night went so fast, as it always does when having fun.  We slept in until 9:30 this morning, cleaned up from the party aftermath and are focusing the rest of the day on vegging out and relaxing – a rare occurance for us.  I’m relaxing so much that I changed out of one pair of pajamas in trade for another pair of pajamas!  Can’t beat comfort.

Some other miscellaneous updates.  Jason has started his new finance blog called Understanding Finances.  This is something he’s been wanting to do for quite some time and I’m glad he finally got it started.  Also, Emily, my mother-in-law, started her own blog for her wonderfully delicious recipes.  You don’t want to miss out on the Marvelous Recipes blog!  Both blogs are highly recommended…no bias at all, nope.  😉

All the Mesker critters are doing well.  Pip the mouse is growing, but still isn’t big enough to go in a cage.  We have discovered that Pip is a girl, so at least we can stop calling her s/he.  She prefers to keep to herself for the most part and mainly comes out at night to play and eat.  She’s a bit intimidated by Hazel, one of the pet store mice who is the biggest girl in the cage, but I think in time they will get along just fine in the long run.  I can put my hand in the cage now without freaking them all out too badly, so progress is being made.  I hope to have more photos soon.

That’s my update for now.  Happy New Year to all!  I hope 2009 brings you much peace and happiness.