Good news on the house we’re trying to buy – our loan has been approved!  We knew we were pre-qualified, but you never know what they might come back with, so very good news!  The appraisal has been ordered so right now everything just rides on that and the inspection.  So fingers crossed for everything to continue to go well.  I’m guessing if it all does go well we’ll be looking to move sometime between the middle to end of June, though depending on how fast the sellers get their new place and moved it could be sooner, or even later, than that.  We’ll know more once we get a closing date set.

I do dread all the work ahead of us.  We’ve already started a lot of it and I donated about 10 leaf trashbag sized bags full of give-away items, so at least I’m getting some deep decluttering done.  I’ve been packing up all the items in the house that aren’t necessary – things like photo frames, candles, unused dishes, books, etc.  The entire craft room has been packed and took about 20 boxes just for that room alone.  Yikes!

We’ve really knocked out the house repair list and there isn’t a horrible amount of stuff left to do.  The hard part will be filling in the Koi pond.  Since we’re keeping the house and renting it once we move we have to fill it in.  Otherwise it’s a huge liability risk that we’re not willing to chance.  The Koi will go with us and have a new pond built, hopefully shortly after we get moved.  Until then we have to find something temporary for them to stay in and we haven’t quite figured out that part.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

With any luck by Fourth of July weekend this will be my new view from the back porch!  *swoon*