This was taken today while I was sitting at a complete standstill on I-71.  I had a 3:00 appointment about 45 minutes away so I left the house at 1:30 to give myself time to stop by the post office and to make sure I got to my appointment a bit early ( I hate being late ).  However, the three semi wrecks on 71 made me realize I was going to have to reschedule my appointment once it was about 2:45 and I had only gone 3.5 miles.  Another 45 minutes later and I had made it the full 6 miles to the next exit.  I figured I was already out so I hit up Kroger to do grocery shopping for the next week – and forgot it was the first Wednesday of the month, which is senior citizen day at Kroger.  So, it took me double the time to do my shopping due to the influx of elderly folk clogging up the isles and moving at a snails pace on their little mobile carts. ( I have no issues with elderly folk – I’ll be one before I know it – I just try to avoid Kroger on senior day. )  I finally made it back home…and had a beer!  🙂