Ike decided to make a pit stop in Kentucky yesterday to cause some mischief. The day started out pretty windy in general. Jason and I left around noon to go grab some lunch and go grocery shopping. By the time we were headed home around 1:30 the winds had picked up drastically. By 2:00 tree branches were snapping, power was flickering and debris was flying everywhere in 75mph winds. We lost an entire side of screen on the porch, a dead tree fell on the fence – luckily it was a small one so no damage, and our turbine on the roof was knocked askew. We fared much better than our neighbors who lost shingles and window/roof trim and larger trees.

The weirdness of it all was other than the crazy wind it was a beautiful day. Sunny with a few clouds, warm but not too humid. Some of the neighborhood kids were standing on skateboards and using an empty pizza box as a wind sail to whip them down the street. Pretty ingenious!

So today 70% of the Louisville area is without power. We’re one of the lucky ones that still have power and internet off and on, though our cell phone service is not working unless we drive to the beginning of our street – we don’t have a land line. The last time this happened they took our power grid down during the process of fixing the others and we ended up without power for 3 days. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again. Due to the extent of outages I’m also off of work today. They fired up the data center on the generator, but kept the main building down and most employees home. So a nice, unexpected day off.

I haven’t been out with the camera, but lots of photos can be found through our local newspaper.