What is wrong with this equation? Jason and I went to Indianapolis over the weekend to visit our friends, Jami (who I went to high school with) and Larry (her hubby). We had a great time – we went to the Indianapolis Zoo, had a great evening chatting around the bonfire with beer and s’mores and planned on finishing off the weekend with a trip to Jami’s brother’s store and lunch.

So we wake up Sunday morning, eat yummy donuts from Long’s Bakery and head out to Country Harmony to check out Ryan’s shop. We’re not two steps out of the garage when the guy that lives across the street from Jami and Larry hollers out “Look what I found!”. He gives a short whistle and out prances this dirty, curly haired, fro-headed little black and white dog. Cute little booger – but quite stinky and very thirsty. So we give him some food and water and put him in the back yard while we do our running around, hoping someone just lost him and was out looking for him.

But alas, we return back a few hours later to find little man lounging in the porch chair waiting for us to come home. Jami and Larry didn’t want to keep him, the neighbors didn’t want him, so the option was to let him roam around or take him to the shelter. Seeing as they live on a fairly busy street and a shelter is 100% out of the question he ended up traveling back to Louisville with us. He promptly got a bath and introduced to the gang. Hardy was pretty indifferent, Lois Lane now has someone to run with and Blue is put out and has been moping since we got home…but, no fights or major altercations.

In honor of Larry who calls everyone Scooter, this curly haired, afro-headed dog is now aptly named Scooter. So I guess the plan is to keep him for a few weeks to make sure no one in Jami & Larry’s area is looking for him. Then, depending on how he’s doing here, we will either foster him until we find him a home or end up keeping him ourselves.

Pass the sucker stamp please…