Usually I do not make New Year’s resolutions simply because I never keep them. However this year I am determined to keep the one resolution I am making – to get healthy and in shape again. Jason and I have both put on more than a few extra pounds over the last couple of years and are both having some blood pressure issues and just feel plain miserable. So we have decided it’s way past due to do something about it. We’ll be buying a weight set and bench and will even get the dogs in on some cardio walking around the neighborhood. Lois Lane could certainly stand to trim down a bit herself. This will also hopefully help the knee issues I’ve been having and allow me to get back on the mountain bike and start riding some trails this summer.

The plan is to get up before work each morning to get the workout done first thing…I am not a morning person and don’t know how that will work out. I already get up at 6:00 to be at work by 7:00. Getting up at 4:45 am really isn’t my cup of tea, but I would prefer to get it done first thing in the morning….so we’ll be giving that a shot. If cranky blogging begins next week, you have been warned.

Happy New Year! And much luck to anyone making resolutions this year!