Yesterday was National Dog Day and L.B. has had some excess energy lately, so I decided to take him to the park to walk during lunch break instead of going to the gym.  Probably not the greatest idea since it was noon, 93 degrees out with 102 degree heat index.  Needless to say, we sweated it out!  I usually do about 3.5 miles on the treatdmill at the gym.  With the heat and little short chiweenie legs, we made it 1.7 miles.  

This was how our walk went, as led by L.B.

.25 miles in – Oh a shade tree, I’m gonna sit for a minute.



.5 miles in – Oh a shade tree, I’m gonna lay down for a minute.



1.2 miles in – Oh a whole row of shade!  I’m gonna lay here and never get up.


1.7 miles later and headed home – nice and comfy, seatbelted into his dog bed with some good ol’ AC.  We took another shade and water break while we were waiting for the car to cool off.  It was at this point I was really glad we were done because he would NOT stand up and I had to carry him to the car.  He said, stick a fork in me, I’m done!