As promised, my new Samsung NX300 arrived today.  I haven’t messed with it too much, but so far so good.  The fur kids opted to model for me ( not so willingly, but they did ).  It’s very fast, so fast that I can even get a photo of Lois Lane with the flash before she blinks.  That never happens!  I still have some things to figure out – it’s not exactly the same as my D80, understandably.  And I definitely want to look into getting the 50 – 200mm telephoto lens.  I got the 18 – 50mm with the camera body, which will likely be my primary lens, but I still want the zoom capability for wildlife shots.  After that I’ll look into the macros, but those get pricey so it just depends on how much I really want it and if I find a good deal.  Might try the macro filter rings first.  One step at a time!

Here are a few more test shots, can’t leave anyone out!  More to come…you’ve been warned! 😉



Lois Lane