This is a fantastic design by that I accidentally came across while trying to find ways to fix the holes at the bottom of our fence where L.B. was slipping out and making us run for our lives to catch him before he reached the highway.  We recently realized that the bottom of the wire that covers our four board horse fence that make up the dog yard was cut in many places allowing L.B. to easily slip out.  The only thing we can figure is that the wire was cut last fall while weed-eating around the fence area.  L.B. learned that those areas that were cut could easily be squeezed through…and squeeze through he did.

So during my futile attempts to locate a fast and simple temporary fix, I came across this brilliant dog harness design.  It’s your everyday dog harness with a metal rod built into a nylon sleeve that adds several inches to his width, thus preventing him from squeezing through the small holes.

We lovingly call these his “wings” and until we get the fence permanently fixed, he wears these anytime he goes outside.  They don’t seem to bother him any more than wearing a harness normal bothers him and I’ve seen him try to get out with it on – and failed miserably because he was too wide to fit through the hole.  Perfect!  Just for fun I plan on buying a cheap Batman kite and fixing the wings onto the harness bar for a fun photoshoot.  😉