This weekend we finally made it to Lake Cumberland for our birthday celebration that was supposed to have been in January, but the snow had other plans for us at the time.  Though it actually worked out great.  The weather this weekend was gorgeous!  We had a wonderful, relaxing, fun weekend that was long over due.  We sat around all weekend playing pool, air hockey and the Wii.  There was also a hot tub that was nice (when it was working) and lots of good conversation along with a few adult beverages.  As with all fun weekends, it went by way too fast!  And a special thanks to Jenn and John for taking care of our pups at the last minute – you guys rock!

Since our Internet connection was very spotty I didn’t get a chance to upload my Project 365 photos, so I’m lumping all three into this post.  They are all from Lake Cumberland, so it’s fitting!

This is the front of the cabin we stayed in. It looks quite tiny from the front, but it was very spacious and slept 10 people. Since we were up on a mountain the back drops out into two stories and upper and lower decks.
Lake Cumberland Cabin - 50/365

Saturday night the Cats were playing so I managed to get most of the group in one shot while they were watching the game.
Go Cats! - 51/365

And today before we headed home we walked down to the boat ramp just down from the cabin to check out the water. The water level is low, but the water was beautiful!
Lake Cumberland - 52/365