It’s been 3 days since my surgery and 2 days since I’ve gotten home from the hospital.  All went well and I’m happy to say they found the problem during the surgery, which verified that the procedure was necessary to fix the issues I was having.  So now I’m off work for six weeks to fully recover and get my energy back.  Today is the first day I’ve really been awake all day (apart from one small nap).  I stopped the percocet pills this morning and moved to ibuprofen and it seems to be doing ok.  Percocets will be saved for night time for the next few nights and will then wean off of those.

The last couple of days the couch and I have become best buds and the dogs have argued over who gets to lay next to me.  It’s a tie between Lois Lane & Blue currently.  I’ve watched “Sweet Home Alabama”, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”.  I’ve been online here and there, though not too clear headed to stay on for long until today. I have attempted to read, but still not clear headed enough to keep up yet.  (If this post rambles, you know why).

Family  & friends have been wonderful and I must send thanks out to all of them for the online well wishes, phone calls and visits.  Mom was at the hospital with Jason during the procedure and provided me with a cute nightgown and fuzzy socks, along with a ride home so I didn’t have to climb up in the big truck.  She is bringing dinner one night this week – presumably homemade pot pie – yummy!  Grandma Parson came to visit me at the hospital also and brought me another cutie nightgown.  My dear mother-in-law, Emily, brought over some yummy food (check out her Marvelous Recipes) and some beautiful flowers and her and Ralph sat to visit for a while yesterday.  And today my  good friends Christina & Charlie brought me a goodie basket full of stuff, including a crossword puzzle book, which took up an hour or so of my time today.  And of course Jason has been awesome.  He dotes on me hand and foot, bought me a Snuggie blanket, has made several trips to the store for me and is just downright awesome.  I do have the best husband in the world, don’t even try to argue that!  😉

And since I have no interesting photos for the week, I’ll provide another Photo Flashback from this time last year, when we were camping (as we usually are in October).

A snake we came across when hiking:
The gravel road leading to the campsite:
Zeller in Autumn
A horse at a Halloween bonfire we attended for Jason’s previous employer:
Horsing Around