We finally got to bring Lois Lane home from the 24 hour vet today!  She has her feeding tube in still to make sure she’s going to be able to eat and keep food down now that she’s home.  If all goes well she goes back Wednesday to have the tube removed.  She was very, very excited to get home!  We’ve been home with her for a couple hours now and she’s finally calming down.  So far, so good with no vomiting or regurgitation, but then she hasn’t eaten yet, so we can only hope that things continue down a positive path.  Blue is also happy to have his chew toy….errr dog…back in the house.  Buddy is too since Lois is the only of our dogs that will really play with him.  (Hardy is just too old and Blue doesn’t know how to play with such a big beast yet).  Unfortunately for Buddy it will be a few days before Lois can rough house with him.  Rough housing + Feeding Tube = Bad idea.

Lois is on anti-nausea meds and we have to clean out her feeding tube 3 times a day.  She’s on a very strict specialized diet and we have to be extremely careful that she doesn’t get into the other dogs’ food or get any people food or it could cause a relapse.  We’ll have to think of a new feeding schedule to accommodate everyone, but we’ll get it worked out.  I don’t care what it takes – my Lois Pain is home!  😀