Ahhh finally!  A nice long weekend!  With Monday being Memorial Day and a work holiday for me I decided to go ahead and take Friday off as well, even though we only work until noon.  I have lots of vacation time to use up and it’s another day to sleep in.  PLUS I have to finish getting my house cleaned up because Jami & Larry, my dear friends from Indy, are coming to visit for the weekend!  *happy dance*  They visit every Memorial Day weekend and we always have a blast.  This year we are all heading to Mammoth Cave on Saturday with our local friends, John & Jenn to take a cave tour, then back to the house to grill out some dinner and hang on the back porch.  

This brings to mind several years ago when Jami and Larry visited.  We had a rather large party that weekend.  The next day as they were getting ready to head home a nasty storm came through, tornado warnings and all.  So we’re sitting out on the front porch watching them roll in with our neighbors when all of a sudden in the field across the street what seemed to be smoke appeared.  What we thought was smoke turned out to be a tornado forming.   Jason, Larry and Tom, being the “brave” boys they are, decided to run out to the field to check it out.  As soon as they got about half way to it they abruptly turned right around and started hauling ass back home, waving frantically and yelling for us to all get into the basement.  Turns out once they crested the hill of the field there was not one tornado, but two heading our way.   So down to the basement we go – 4 adults, 2 teenagers, 3 dogs, 6 rats, 1 rabbit.  Lucky for us the tornados were fairly small and popped back up into the air before they could cause damage…though they did touch down again in the neighborhood behind us.

As if that wasn’t enough Kentucky excitement for Jami & Larry, on their way home just 30 minutes from their house bad storms were moving through the Indianapolis area.  Once again they had to flee to cover when a tornado came barreling down the interstate towards them!  So now we are always sure to check the weather closely before they come and visit.  My fear is this year John will be with us also…which brings about a whole other realm of stories for another time!  😉