Another cool find this spring – a Luna Moth!  It appears to be a male and was hiding out in my umbrella that was drying out on the front porch.  Since they don’t fly during the day I set him up in one of the hanging flower baskets until dusk, when he then moved to the porch light and then took his leave during the night.  I’ve never seen one so vibrant before!  

Luna Moth


I’m so enjoying watching the new flowers bloom that we never got to see here last year due to moving in mid-July.  And to top it off we have a rabbit living under the back porch and a momma mallard duck sitting on eggs in the dog igloo that is on the floating duck dock on the pond.  So that means baby duckies soon!   It’s been a little piece of heaven for both me and Jason. I’m just happy this year we get to enjoy the full summer here rather than moving and unpacking and cleaning up the old house to prep for rentals.  


My surgery is schedule for Thursday morning so I’ll likely not have many photos for a while.  But will try to do a recovery update here, if nothing else out of sheer boredom.  😉  I’m taking a few days totally off work to recover where I intend to do some reading and movie watching so I can get back at it early next week.  Hoping it’s just a small dent in the road and I can be back to normal soon and start my P90X back, at least by early fall.  I’ve been off of the program since my exercise restrictions after my biopsy and didn’t see the point in picking it back up until I can do it right, but I do miss it.  So far, so good though, I’m still fitting in my smaller clothes!  🙂