Two blogs in one day – who’da thunk?

So last night Portia and her friend were in the basement working on a school project when we hear a bunch of girly screaming.  A phone call soon follows (from the basement) from Portia saying “We have mice!”.  Jason went down to investigate.  Knowing my rodent infatuation, he came back up with a container hidden from me and said “I don’t even want to show you this or you’ll fall in love”.  Given that, I had to see.  In a fish specimen container was this teeny, tiny baby mouse, full fur and eyes open and bouncing all around.

Given that it is December in Kentucky we really weren’t sure if he would survive if let out into the elements – afterall, it is hitting the single digits at night and barely above freezing during the day on some days.  After doing some research on wild mice in captivity and after the “sucker” stamp reappearing on my forehead, we decided to keep the little guy.  Being the rodent lover that I am, I am happy to announce that I now have a new fur-baby, aptly named Pip Squeak.  We believe that Pip is a white-footed mouse, based on the descriptions I’ve read during research.  He’s quite agitated right now, and understandably, seeing as he’s moved houses three times today.  But we finally have him (I’ll call him “him” until I find out otherwise) in a nice, cozy 5 gallon aquarium until he gets big enough to move into a larger, wired cage.  He escaped from a wired cage earlier today and Jason had to retrieve him from the top of the office curtain rod.  Oops.

So….meet Pip!  Isn’t he adorable!  😀

Pip Squeak