What is with the weather around here this year?  Two weeks ago we had highs of 12 degrees and a massive ice storm that took out power to most of the city.  This week it’s been in the 60’s and wonderfully warm – very rare for February in Kentucky.  And now tonight and tomorrow we’re expecting strong thunderstorms with high winds and gusts ranging up to 60mph, which in turn has the weather folks heading warnings of the following:

The recent ice storm has left many trees in a weakened state with many large…loose hanging branches. These strong winds may result in new power outages for some areas and may result in minor property damage. Given the rains and soft ground conditions… these winds may be strong enough to blow down whole trees.

I just hope we manage to keep our power this time.  At least we have the generator ready and this time a kerosene heater in case the house gets too chilly.  We shall see what happens.  At least the sideways rain will help wash some of the salt off of my truck!  😀