As I learn more about my sewing machine, I’m on the look out for small, simple projects, but yet

projects of things that I actually want to make or things that are at least useful. As I was perusing PInterest I came across a short and sweet project for beginners on how to make a needle cushion. This is very similar to a pin cushion, but it has a hard backing on the bottom to keep the needles from falling through and getting lost in the cushion or causing stabbing pain when accidentally squeezed.  The project simply required two rectangles of fabric, thread, a credit card, and some Polyfill stuffing.

So I picked out a fabric that I had purchased a couple of years ago for another project that I never got to, grabbed my expired Passport America membership card and finished this little project in about 15 minutes. Now I have a cute needle cushion that is functional and pretty! Next on my agenda, a matching pin cushion, because why buy one when I can make one?

I followed the Needle Cushion tutorial at Shiny Happy World for this project.