Back in December I had posted how our 5 Muscovy Ducks were one by one flying the coop and not returning very often.  As of Christmas, we haven’t seen any of the original five ducks back at the pond, though we have seen some suspiciously familiar looking ducks flying about the surrounding areas of our house. So they either disappeared or found them a winter time-share somewhere.  It will be interesting to see if they return this spring.

In the meantime, a friend that works at Metro Animal Services in Louisville asked if we were interested in taking in 6 ducks that they had confiscated.  Two of them are Muscovy ducks and we’re not yet sure what the other four are.  We decided we’d go ahead and take them and kept them in a small, make-shift dog pen in the garage for a few weeks. Last weekend we built them a larger temporary shelter on the side of the shed within the fenced area of the yard where they will stay until the spring thaw and until we can get them a more permanent duck house built out by the pond.  Once moved to their permanent house they will be let out to wonder free during the day and put up in the pen at night to eat and keep them safe from predators (mainly foxes, coyotes and raccoons out in this area).  This is their temporary home for now:

Duck Hut

The dogs have adjusted well since Hardy’s passing and Poe the Betta fish also left us after a three year life-span, which is surprising for a fish. So we’re left right now with just 3 dogs and the 6 ducks.

Last month I began my P90X exercise program and I’m loving it!  I’m on day 28 and have already dropped at least one pants size.  I’m doing it right and took photos and measurements the first day, to be repeated every 30 days, so Sunday is the first measurement day since I started.   I’m excited to see what the measurement results are this quickly and look forward to the next 60 days.  Hopefully by the time I’m ready for round 2 Jason will be able to join me (he’s currently still in physical therapy and healing from an ankle break and tendon surgery).  If I’m brave enough I’ll post the increment photos and measurements at the end of my first 90 days.  We’ll see.  😉

And with Jason’s injury taking up a lot of my time of doing extra things around the house (though it’s much better now!) and my hour and a half work-outs 6 days a week, I’ve once again flunked my photography project of 52 Weeks of Animals.  I made it to week 23 before two weeks went by and I realized I didn’t get any animal photos in those two weeks.  Ooops!  But just for fun, you can see the 23 Weeks of Animals I managed to tackle.  Better luck next time, I guess!